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Raging Waters Testimonial

Training delivered through SPASA Australia’s training division, IRLearning was comprehensive, yet easy to follow. They compiled in-depth course materials based on our site specifically and put together a two-day course that challenged our staff and broadened their expertise. The conduct of the SPASA team and the IRlearning trainer was extremely professional, and they were ready and willing to answer any questions our staff had. IRLearning training has been essential to the overall high quality of our pool staff going forward, and we would highly recommend them to any pool operator looking to engage more substantively with their craft. The training provided has left our entire team feeling confident of delivering the highest-level outcomes that allows us to remain compliant within our business.

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To be registered as a Building Inspector (Pool Safety) in Victoria, you will need to satisfy certain requirements before you can apply through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).


  • Can I still access my course material after completion?

    Yes you will still access to all of your course materials upon completing your training

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Certificates of attendance are awarded upon completion

  • How long does it take to receive my certificate?

    Your electronic certificate will be released to you upon completion of your training

  • How can i provide feedback?

    After completion of each course, we will provide you with a QR Code where you can complete our survey. Alternatively you can send us an email to [email protected]

What Our Students Say:

A. Johnson

Our trainer was always very responsive to our needs and went out of his way to assist me

C. M Davis

The training provided by IRLearning was highly organised, professional and flexible to meet the needs of our business and employees, Thank you!

S. Davies

The workshops provided me with real technical instruction as well as a broad overview of what is required

J. Rosado

Good content, practical materials to take home and a real sense that I am being trained by people that care